Here you can download the latest version of GeneCraft.

Windows 32bit release
Download link here
This was tested on Vista and Seven.

MacOSX Universal release
Download link here
This was tested on 10.6.7

GNU/Linux release
If you are interested in a GNU/Linux, please contact us.

User manual

This release isn't a complet build.
Please look at the "toolbar" on top of the application.

Features in v0.1

  • Create random predefined creatures (spider, caterpillar, snake, ant).
  • Mutate a selected creature
  • Load creatures from database (check for id here)
  • Throw a box (right click)
  • Throw a lot of boxes "b"
  • Create manualy creatures of your choice, explore the availables widgets

Soon another build to manage experiment and worker !


This project is considered as private and more informations about licensing will be given in the future. If you are interested by using this project in another way than a private personal use please contact us.

All versions